I LOVE being able to create art with people that are just as passionate and driven as I am, especially if some of those people happen to be family! My beautiful sister Lauren has been teaching Jivamukti inspired Vinyasa for almost 7 years now. It has been incredible to watch her transform over the last several years and grow into the remarkable woman she is today. Her strength is inspiring and often times I find myself in awe of the power and control she has over her body, mind, and spirit.

I got a text one afternoon that said “CALL ME NOW! I have an amazing opportunity for the both of us!” Lauren was to be featured on the cover of Natural Awakenings, a local magazine here in Portland! She wanted her big sister to do the photography. You couldn’t imagine the excitement that came over me knowing that we were going to create magic together.

And magic it was! The golden hour proved its magnificence and created warm, soft light for us to work with. There was stillness in the late August air, but that stillness whispered creation. Lauren and I flowed off each other’s energy with ease, grace, and of course laughter. Time seemed to stand still. It was truly one of the most moving experiences I’ve had in photography thus far.

Thank you sister, for allowing me to create beautiful, powerful, raw images of you doing what fuels your soul!

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