The first time I met Issac he was only a few months new to this world. His blue eyes reeled me in and stole my heart immediately. After experiencing months of difficulty trying to get pregnant, Jes & Damon were beyond ecstatic to welcome baby Isaac into their lives!

I’m not sure where the time went, but before long Isaac was walking and exploring all of life’s new wonders. It was such a joy to capture his inquisitiveness surrounding the changing colors of the trees and falling leaves that lay scattered across the grass. It took all I had just to keep up with him!

Isaac is at the age where everything and anything is brand new. His brain is literally soaking up all of the experiences and creating long-term memory. Being able to witness his curiosity and innocence, and capture brief moments of newness was extremely humbling. I cannot wait to see his growth next year when he is able to put words to exactly what he is thinking and feeling!

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