I have been photographing these two nuggets for the last 4 years! Macie and Asher were actually the very first children I had ever photographed! For this reason, they will always have a special place in my heart. They have been alongside me throughout my photography career just as I have been alongside them, photographing their growth and development over the years. When I downloaded this photo shoot on my computer, tears started flowing down my face because I knew I would one day photograph their senior portraits. I know they have a LONG way to go before that day, but I couldn’t help but visualize them all grown up and it pulled on every single heartstring!

I don’t know what was in the air on this particular day, but both Macie and Asher seemed to have endless energy and it was intoxicating. We made huge leaf piles and jumped in them. We chased each other around the yard and up and down the swing set, and pretended we were superheroes. It was as if we didn’t have a care in the world!

One of the biggest reasons why I love photographing children so much is because it automatically awakens the inner child in me. The carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude, and vibrancy that lives in all of us, sometimes gets lost as we become responsible adults. Any time I have an opportunity to photograph kids, I jump at it!

It has been an absolute joy and honor to be a part of Macie and Asher’s lives and I look forward to our next adventure!

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