How could I not have been totally swept off my feet photographing these two beautiful children? The minute Rae looked into my eyes, my heart melted. Even though she had never met me before, she immediately took to me. She was curious about who I was and what I was doing with my camera. On the other hand, her baby brother Sawyer seemed to be unfazed by my presence. He seemed to only be concerned with the whereabouts of his mom. Not once did his eyes leave her sight!

Rae LOVED being in front of the camera and the camera loved her! I could have chased her around all day! Like most children her age, inquisitiveness flows naturally. There is something new to be discovered around every corner. Exploration is a huge part of their growth process at that age and to be a witness to the newness and mystery of life is extremely humbling.

The Caron family is absolutely beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a cold, fall morning photographing them. Their children echo their charismatic and laid-back attitudes. I look forward to seeing them again next year when Sawyer will be the one I’m chasing around, right alongside his big sister!

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